“An Idiot Sandwich”, or The Food Thread


Post your cooking stories, images, and recipes. Home cooked preferred but other food is welcome.

I’ve got a bunch of baguette left over from Sunday that should be sufficiently stale to make some dope bread pudding.

The outcome of my last go at it. I’ve been using coconut milk instead of dairy and I’ve been really pleased with the outcome. I wasn’t super pleased with it since I didn’t add enough liquid to it. My cast iron needs more than a can of coconut milk to be enough. By the way, it cooks great in a cast iron.



I’ve been looking for an excuse to post the food I’ve been making recently


Is that bisto over your bangers and mash

I fucking miss bisto


Yo what’s that pie about my dude, looks good


Technically it is bisto but it’s like bisto finest gravy meaning there’s real meat fat in it because I’m not a poor


My grandad used to make a turkey curry after christmas day so hot no one else could eat it.

I’ve now started the new family tradition of the turkey, ham, and leek pie after christmas with a cream and parsley sauce. The christmas tree decoration is about as artistic as i get.


looks fuckin tasty and also british as fuck


ur cooking looks great kitcher

much unlike your posting


I got really into cooking especially after I started a diet where you drink diet shakes twice a day and only eat a meal once.

I was like if I’m going to have one meal a day its going to be good. I made a bad ass chicken, leek, and mushroom cream soup tonight.


Also I spent £130 on a set of three bad ass knives so I feel I sort of need to use them.


good knives are worth it. i have a nice global chef’s knife that i need to take to the knife doctor because i chipped the blade doing something dumb.


I have these bad boys, they cut like a dream and it’s german steel so I’m hoping they survive my bad cutting techniques and general clumsiness. So far I’ve stabbed myself straight in the thumb with the paring knife but thats it:


Also out of all those photos the carbonara is probably the worst as I can cook one way better now.


those are nice knives. i want to buy a super expensive hipster handmade chefs knife but i don’t need it and will invariably fuck it up


Just get a Japanese set. (German probably work as good.)


Where’s the body


From the research I did the japanese steel knives have a much higher hardness rating and maintain their edge sharper and much longer if you don’t do anything stupid with them, like drop them on the edge or cut into bine by accident.

German steel knives have a marginally less sharp edge (but still super sharp) but is far more resilient when it comes to not chipping as they are less brittle.

Part of it comes from the fact that traditionally Japanese knives aren’t massively used for cutting into animals with thick hard bone structures, and traditionally you slice rather than chop into common meats used in Japan.

This is also seen in the fact that traditional Japanese santoku knives tend not to taper (because they aren’t used to rock chop) and they don’t form to a point. That’s because basically while you can tap chop with it, that’s mostly intended for vegetables and meat is sliced in a drawing motion.

A western chefs knife though does taper and is thicker at the back, because it’s an all round knife that is intended be used for tap chopping, rock chopping, slicing, as well as chopping through meat joints in a pinch.


So over the last few days I’ve been really ill with a chest infection and barely left the house. Girlfriend is also super ill and is struggling to breath, spent most of the last 5 days sleeping and coughing.

It’s really annoyed me not being able to cook and having the kitchen a total mess. So i’ve addressed that by researching some cookery books to read. I don’t really want recipes because the internet has unlimited recipes, so instead I’ve tried to find books that explain why techniques work and the science behind the cooking itself, so I basically don’t need to rely on recipes as much or at all.

So far on my hit list is:

  • Cooking in 10 Minutes - Written nearly 100 years ago by a french scientist/nutritionist basically as a book going “I wrote a book called cooking in 6 lessons and they said I was mad, but now I’ll show them, YES YOU CAN COOK A MEAL IN 10 MINUTES!”. Nearly 100 years ago he predicted people won’t have time to spend ages cooking and talks about fast cooking techniques.
  • The Science of Cooking - Released as a new edition later this month, a clearly illustrated and fairly simple book describing the science behind cooking many things. e.g. whats the difference between steaming and boiling, why are boiled vegtables shit but steamed ones good etc.
  • CookWise - Apparently a massive book of recipes that tells you why to do things as well as how for pretty much everything in the book.
  • Jamie Oliver’s 5 Ingredients - A cooking book focusing on meals you can make using only 5 ingredients. I think some of it will be poncy health food trash but some of the other stuff may be good, or maybe good after you add 1 or 2 more forbidden ingredients.

I bought Cooking in 10 Minutes to read on my Kindle while I’m on the tube, haven’t read the others. Will post reviews when I have done.


I buy frozen boxes of indian chicken and rice. I use my pocket knife to eat apples and oranges.
My pocket knife is a sweet knife, strong and thick. Folds pack in the handle. Is about 10 cm long.
Always in my pocket to use for everything, open boxes and such. If someone would come at me, I would take it up and hold the blade in my hand with about 3 cm tip from my thump and stab the fucker like crazy. Non lethal, just a lot of blood and guy shitting his pants. I were steel toe shoes so I would kick his knees for good measure. Never had to do this, I stare in the guy eyes and smile. This makes him think that this crazy fuck is looking forward to what is going to happen. Never been punched.