“An Idiot Sandwich”, or The Food Thread


In American assassin the movie the CIA tought me to insta kill with my knife, I would never do that unless the fucker would draw a gun.


what the fuck does that have to do with food


-teleports behind you with a pocket knife- nothing personnel, kid


chefs can kill


If I ate the guy, would it be good for the thread?


We were talking about knifes. I like them.



Human is very much like pork, but everything apart form the torso meat will be very tough, your best bet is some sort of stew for most of the meat, or a marinade and a very slow roast.


Made some Portuguese style custard tarts. Pastry went a bit wild so I’m thinking maybe I need to over fill them with custard


looks good


Made braised steak and mushroom with mash and veg


tfw u gonna make jajangmyeon but your roommate brings back black bean soup instead of black soy bean paste



I did steak with a pepper and cream mushroom sauce and paprika chips