Beep boop love me


Ohh man, flashing the bios on bricked card is not easy.

Think I will just use the integrated for now.


i did this once with a mac mini and it fixed it for a year


Nice. Also my printer says 20 ppm color. In best quality its more like 1 page per 15 min. But its good, so I guess that bold faced lie will slide. Bought 100 nice glossy paper and 500 normal for $30. Gonna frame a few good ones.


Ripped the first 3 pages out of the printer, thought it was jammed. Then I decided to wait for it.


The guest setup and first print.


Ok I admit, changing the quality settings, then this printer can print color page in 10 seks, but best on glossy paper is 20 min its ludicrous. Its professionally good though.


Best on glossy v med on regular paper


All framed up and nice. Plus some extra copies for the family.




So with best on glossy paper, you get 15 A4 nice pics but the 3 colors are out and almost full black cartridge. The cartridges costs the same as the new printer with them to. Idiotic.

So I order from amazon bigger ones that fit in my printer, all 4, cheaper then they are selling 1 here in Iceland. Its a no name brand but the people seem to like it. Original brother liquid is hella expensive.


Bigger as in 550 pages compared to 250. This is probably with lowest ink use and lowest quality settings.


I have to start to print out arty black and white stuff to use the black toner.


I ordered from another corp, Amazon said it woild take 3 weeks to get here. So I went with stinkyink corp.

It will arrive tomorrow. Very fast serice indeed.


But is it stinky?


I suppose they smoke a lot of grass, so it might stink of some Mary jane. Wont effect the performance tho.


Stinky is super fast, the ink will be here tomorrow, a lot better then the amazon 3 to 4 weeks.


I think computer related stuff have no tariffs. So lets hope 33 pounds will be the final cash outcome.


Got the ink driven home to me by nice girl and no extra cost 33 pounds well spent. 100 pounds at the store that sold me the printer. One strange thing, my pics were coming out red, so I went to maintenance thing on the printer and told it to clean the printer head. Now its back to normal.


I got a free GTX 680 and planted it inside. I can play every thing in high now :slight_smile:


A buddy of mine came with a printer that he gave me. Canon MG 5450, yea its 5 years old but the ink in canon printers are dirt cheap, very large also. 700 to 1200 pages. The scanner is not as good as my brand new one. Mine will scan 50% faster with better colors. The canon one was out of ink so no news on that front regarding print quality. Canon are usually one of the best ones. So I bought some ink to check it out.