Beep boop love me


Lets hope the head is not super clogged after such a long time. I am not buying a new head, well $37 would not brake the bank I guess. Just curious about the printing quality.


Holy fuck the ink that is coming from my canon header, it was completely clogged, now its like new.
Just some water, it would have never worked in the state it was in. I would have blown the new ink in 10 deep cleaning circle. I am always pleased when I dont have to spend a dime and the outcome is great.


Just be careful with water, just half a cm, dont make it make contact with electrodes on the back side.


Waiting for the ink now, ordering from the UK saves me 15 pounds for the set. Should be here on monday.


70 pounds saved if you want original ink.


We dont need new parts or expensive professional help. We learn from each other.


This guy is just a wealth of fixing tips on washing machines, printing machines, to about everything else. All on the free side. I love it.