🍞🌹🏴 big tent leftist posting thread 🍞🌹🏴


anarcho syndicalism, ancom, trot, demsoc, succdem, all welcome

bad posters will have bread thrown at them :bread:



Someone link a test to determine my position on the POLITICAL SPECTRUM please


i actually found this one yesterday, it was kinda fun.



Post here if your avatar is qualified for le guillotine





I got mostly classical marxism and queer anarchism, due to my answers being gay af and my belief that - short to medium term at least - employing some (deconstructed) levers of the state is the best way to maintain a stable revolution.


these are my results: http://bit.ly/2DmmwvU


brb gonna add the break book to my kindle list




this was on the old thread i think but its fuckin hilarious


And they say the left can’t meme


read mutual aid first imo


ok bad news @leetcheese

I’m your worst nightmare

tho tbh I didn’t give the required thought to a few questions


EDIT: lul took it again and it gets WorSE https://goo.gl/pWXgtd


you are literally a lanyard wearing wonk reeeeeeeeeeeee



Wow i might get banned


Wow literally hitler


*literally Mussolini