🍞🌹🏴 big tent leftist posting thread 🍞🌹🏴


It really is.


β€œreee she’s a centrist”


nice ad hominem attacks. really doodles my noodle to see such well thought out arguments.



she is a lightly touched demsoc liberal but she’s well intentioned and good normiebait



β€œur not as militant as me so ur worse lmao sips americano made by slave labor in my ivory tower”


β€œin fact i am the MOST militant” donates 20 dollars to local DSA chapter so they can do all the revolution work for me


Most def


I make my own americanos with Zapatista coffee


Maybe you should be out in the trenches giving the bourgeoisie the chop


taking work away from your fellow man who could earn a dollar making it. how very capitalist of you.


u forgot the monthly contrapoints patreon


don’t worry all the leftists can have more stuff by making a patreon and making low-to-mid teir videos on youtube


draw furry porn to pay off your student loans


i mean it’s like not like they’re going to go and get jobs. they’ll just let the state take care of them thanks to β€œsocialism” or some dumb bullshit.


I feel that if you have a successful patreon then that is your job


job is basically someone paying you to do something

it isn’t even a weird definition

like literally the first one in the dictionary


a patronage system like in ancient times

How… progressive


You hate capitalism yet you buy things…interesting.