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look at all those compensating gun owners lmao

maybe they should man up and not use a coward weapon






Sir Anthony Paul Hayden, noted that β€œalmost the entirety of Alfie’s brain [has] been eroded leaving only water and cerebral spinal fluid … the connective pathways within the white matter of the brain which facilitate rudimentary sensation β€” hearing, touch, taste and sight β€” had been obliterated

Almost? You mean there’s still a chance :thinking:


B-but the pope


Also I had no clue who Alfie Evans was and assumed this idiot was quoting some other gun nut named Alfie Evans



this is good


In what fantasy land have wages increased by 75% over the last twenty years?


Not real wages


Canada-wide from 2000 to 2015 median income went up by 46%, probably a few more percents on that now and thats ignoring the fact that US has outperformed us by a good deal which probably makes up some of the difference between the chart and Canada’s data.

Stats-Canada Table 111-0009





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very edgy A+