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Hey, so about that NY primary… :rose:


Totally looking forward to all the bad takes in the NYT about how millennials are destroying the democratic party


Name one Democrat Party leader that doesn’t have a foot in the grave.


There is a real problem with millennials, There seem to be no leaders coming out of that generation. No one to inspire and rally up the people.


as a millennial i am inspired and rallied by a firing squad


I think being a leader is a alpha patriarchal idea for them. That is poison in their bones. It does not have to be.
Where are all the strong women? 330 million country and no good leaders. This is how you get Trump.


This is a radically naive line of thinking.


I am just shit posting around. Talk to me, tell me why I am wrong.


only bad leaders would be attracted to work in government


We have a bad habit killing the good ones.


No the good ones realise government is inherently bad and steer clear of it


Its rare, but there are good ones out there. A normal person will want to live his life in peace and not make waves. You would have to be insane to want to control a nation. So a benign lunatic is what we need.


No gods no masters


The lack of a readily definable leadership is not symptomatic of an absence, but it does signal the state of organizing and activism. Political issues are not solely mediated by pre-existing institutions (which are largely only interested in reproducing themselves and the already existing conditions), instead organizing is taking place in circumstances far closer to the ground. Leadership becomes an active role rather than an office or edifice, immanent and not transcendent. There is no one people to be led, but there are disparate yet connected affinities and desires.

Normal people want to live in peace but their benign lunatic leaders are always far less benign than the image portrays. And far less competent.


God can do things for you Hilmar. Bad, good. He is so powerful that an for example he can stop an unstoppable force. I try to be a good son to him. I am terrible.


cops are gods that walk among us



there is unironically a show on right now about a dude who talks to god and god points him in the direction of people that need his help.