🍞🌹🏴 big tent leftist posting thread 🍞🌹🏴


I am agreeable to this image just rephrase it to say BIG GOVERMENT somewhere



This is what irony looks like

Reee the over reaching loosely defined rules we wanted to use to shut people up got used by gov to hurt us

How could this have happened


what is the irony


A state of affairs that seem contrary to what someone would expect


the irony here is that coastal elite libs like you can’t differentiate between β€œthe” and β€œβ€


Since you don’t see it I assumed they hadn’t taught you about irony in button pushing school yet.


I’m Race Wars


Is the irony that people think you should believe police when they say they are going to charge you with racism?


to be fair in canada you basically can get charged with racism


Yes police are not to be trusted


Never speak to the police


I am unending human suffering


Remember brothers. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Learning why you lost is the key.
Key open doors.


I feel like this is something Bofa might’ve said


Had to google that. Got a chuckle there buddy.


Sometimes you win all the battles, but lose the war.


It can be lonely at the top. Its not I am that good, everybody* else are terrible.



β€œYou miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”


Dont believe everything that is said to you. Me? Trolling people is one of the few things that I have left that I enjoy. But I like to have kernel of truth,funny and rub some people the wrong in my trolling.

Make it art.