🍞🌹🏴 big tent leftist posting thread 🍞🌹🏴


How many layers of weed are you right now


Many, untold how many.


never stop smoking weed and posting



Im dead


Ayn Rand Grimes coming soon



Jesus I need that sticker so foxing bad


Found someone on Twitter calling out livonian


His gimmick really is strong Kung-fu.


I much preferred the days of wholesome Catholic posting. All the capital apologia gives me the impression that @Livonian is actually a Protty.


Kill a Protestant for Christ


My grandparents came to Canada to escape the ethnic cleansing of the volga german ASSR by the soviets for being catholic germans.

Also pretty sure that tweet is saying that supporting communism and colonialism are the same (aka both retarded nap violating brainlet ideas).


It’s interesting how you try to paint me with your statist brush though


So I’m confused are you for or against the genocide of indigenous peoples


all of the above but only if i get a tax break in the process


As an intellectual, can you really call it genocide when most of the heavy lifting was done all natural epidemics?


Well at least we know where your support falls


Livonian is this your wife


I am against any infringement by the state on individuals. Infringements include things like colonialism/war, communism, genocide, gun control, banning gay marriage and my personal favourite limiting natural rights.