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Rn I’m at my gf’s bff’s house for a bbq and of course they’re yelling at each other over politics

Mom is an immigrant from Iran and believes that anybody should be able to immigrate so long as it’s legal

I’m not ready to shit all over my gf’s bff’s mom in a politics debate but if I take another shot I just might


do it


The media calling refugees illegal immigrants in one of the reasons I hope the whole industry burns.


So instead of engaging Mom I engaged with Son, who is in the Army and just got done with a tour in Italy. Son is super into Trump, but 1) believes that everything the military does right now is propaganda and 2) believes the political system is fundamentally fucked and won’t be fixed short of a coup. He thinks Trump is doing β€œgood things” but also doesn’t think he’s going to change the country in a meaningful way.

I think I might’ve turned him toward socialism. Or at least I educated him about guillotines. Win/win?


I think your country is fucked mate


why are you even hanging with these people? i’d rather suck my own dick than have to spend five minutes letting that drivel enter one ear canal.




You’d suck your own dick lmao

Also let me tell you about authentic persian barbecue because I’d put up with a lot of political hurflurf for one more piece of that dang chicken


oh yeah that’s honestly a pretty good excuse. i will definitely put myself in dire situations for food.


Fair enough




So today I found out one of the VPs at my company is the mayor of my city and I found this out two minutes after replying to a FB thread calling on his supporters to mob a meeting that would approve armed cops in local schools

I had to delete the comment, am I a kulak






Why yes me and my band of degenerate losers are fighting facism by voting for expansive gov powers and then going out and wrecking local businesses.

Also check out my insta for pics of my recent trip to Thailand!


this literally sounds like the DNC lmao




We will never get mega-guillotine built without significant government subsidies.