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anti(small gov)fa r some GTA 5 looking dweebs


How do you work in a place like Berkeley as a cop, and be that out of touch with the community you police?

For those not familiar, Berkeley is probably the most left wing place on the planet. First time I was there there were demos, and I believe a riot, about a volleyball pit being added to a park.

Imagine thinking you are shaming these people in that environment.



this just in copsuckers are idiot big gov agents

more breaking news later



found @Jizzroach


Eggs are a banned weapon. How else am I going to know how hot it is?



did the lad on the right take a bath of dead cop



Am I bad for thinking that business clubs (like the ones full of 30something professional types) that put on public charity events are just networking cults that self-promote while doing almost nothing to address the wealth disparity their employers create


No that’s exactly what they are



where is the DSA parody logo where there’s a penis


i have it somewhere…


How many levels of liberalism is this dude on



10/10 would chuckle again


mad if not