🍞🌹🏴 big tent leftist posting thread 🍞🌹🏴


classic liberals


leetcheese pls redistribute your wealth to me k thx




my wealth won’t make a difference. how about jeff bezos’s 99 billion dollars instead.


we’ll start small



if i liquidated all my assets and distributed it to everyone in america you’d get like a penny


I keep trying to link pics from this thread to my friend, but FB luckily reminds me ZOOLOO is an unsafe site. So then I download it, upload it, and send it.

Which is good. I don’t want them coming here to read my posting (though with the forum wipe, all of my edgy/cringy college shit is gone tgod).





I’ve been meaning to read more Nick Land. It’s fascinating, but somehow unsurprising, that someone heavily trained in post-structuralist literature became a virulent fascist.


Bruno got Fanged Numera and it’s fascinating.


This is good


our infatuation for ww2 comes from it being the last time we were undeniably the β€œgood” guys


I mean we just need a villain as morally unambiguous as the Nazis every time we go to war

And if we don’t have that w-well let’s just pretend


This is nothing new though, celebrating victory in battle and heroic sacrifices has been a thing since antiquity. I mean, sports are themselves centered around a β€œbattle” between two or more sides.


yeah but ww2 is also revered because the 2nd nuke was the creation of anime





More like not good enough for Bloomberg. The think tank that published the report with that chart knows damn well why that divergence exists and was forthright about it.