CanPol: Just as shit, different reasons though



Ah Rob Ford, truly the belle of Toronto’s balls.

Speaking of terrible decisions, this is now an American politics thread sorry


In case any of you are curious why I cannot afford a house in Vancouver.


The level of NIMBY organization in Seattle is p crazy. Apartments have stalled temporarily in price due to a glut of new building, but houses are still shooting up (and no new zoning is opening). Once HQ2 starts, I think the city is p fucked apart from being an Asia hub for Delta.


say it with me:



in the US you can deny a breathalyzer but you basically lose your license

drinking and driving is pure evil so I am OK with this


but cops are also pure evil so somewhat conflicted


I actually initially thought this was part of the marijuana legalization changes, but I guess it isn’t.

I suspect this will lose a court challenge since Canada seems incapable of crafting impaired driving laws that follows the Charter.


Same tbh

The US Supreme Court ruled on a similar case this week saying it’s constitutional to draw blood from unconscious DUI suspects without their consent but drunk drivers get the wall too


Example #infinity of small-government conservatives not actually giving a shit about limited government


Didn’t they vote to not reopen it lmao

Also if you think the conservatives are small gov you might be small brain. They are the exact same as Trudeau’s liberal party with minor differences.




i wanna be aborted retroactively


The actual story here is that, with Bernier’s shot across the bow, this might be the start of a schism between the Red Tory’s and the Reform wing again.


Bernier was a runner up to last years Conservative leadership contest. Recently he has been tweeting some concerning things about immigration.

Normally I would ignore it as French-Canadians being racist and overly concerned with their cultural purity is a sad cliche at this point. Unfortunately I have been seeing it being echoed in BC the last week or so and that is actually pretty bad.


I would vote for Bernier if he leaves all the Garbo social policing behind with the Cpc and focuses on small government


Sure I would vote for Trudeau if he wasn’t a centrist lib too.

Neither of those two things is remotely the case.


I’m waiting to see where it falls first

I can withstand dumping on non-Canadians if it means smaller gov and less government overreach into our lives.

I’m willing to make that compromise.


you need government to officially dump on immigrants


Or just decentralize everything so I can stop being governed by what the GTA thinks.