Chinese cartoons (bdd shitposts about Gundam)


what animes should i watch this week. i have a lot of free time

also anime thread


Big Japanimation fan checking in


i’m working my way through the entire gundam catalog. i finished the original series last month, didn’t watch the movies and now i’m working my through zeta. it’s been hecken awesome.


I’ve been watching My Hero Academia, probably the best Japanimation of the last ten years

I just love how the high school protagonist is able to overcome adversity from outside and inside himself, it’s so refreshing and relatable


I’m watching full metal alchemist:brotherhood

it’s the story of how a black man finds his true brotherhood, magic


Just wait til double zeta champ


i’m gonna watch mha eventually. seems like it’s almost universally loved.


Realtalk it’s nothing super special, it just does its thing well and is extremely watchable. A nice comfort food anime.


MHA was nice enough that I’m reading the mango too

I think you’d really enjoy it BDD, its got a few callbacks to American comics


It’s all down hill from there (excepting the short series like 8th MS Team) until you hit the concentrated meme magic that is G Gundam.






rewatching Black Lagoon.
It’s up to the twins
lord help me


newtypes were a fucking mistake and i hate any time they get brought up in the UC world. zeta is the worst because they say CYBER-NEWTYPE like every 3rd scene.


Oh boy you’ll love Unicorn Gundam, then. It’s Gundam’s goofy spiritualism taken to 11.


i don’t HATE the idea of newtypes i just hate how they become integral to like almost every UC plot in some way. and i’m actually liking zeta aside from that. there’s a lot of really good character shit.


It’s just like Saiyans in DBZ or one of a thousand other examples. At first it’s just the thing that makes the main character special. Then there’s power creep and anybody not A Special Boy is irrelevant.

There are debates about who the most powerful oldtype in Gundam is. Mostly because by the end there are way, way, way more newtypes than old.

One more reason Gundam Wing is king. Nobody is a magical boy. Nobody leads a choir of children to sing a song. Hopes and dreams and unrequited waifu love does not form a big green cloud.

(G Gundam is King+ because it does all of those things, but dials them so far past 11 the stupid transmutes into the sublime)


gundam wing has always been my favorite tbh

i just rewatched the movie with my sister around christmastime as well. gr8 holiday movie


yeah it’s a pretty typical anime trope. it’s probably why i like stuff like 08th MS team so much. i’m pretty excited to get to thunderbolt too since that seems like it’s in the same vein of grunt on grunt battle. i just really love gundam. my newtype gripe is really minor in the grand scheme of it all. i’ll always put up with whiny little kids running around being sad if i get to see robots shoot lasers at each other in space.