Chinese cartoons (bdd shitposts about Gundam)


oh shit dude these are the converge figures. i want a bunch of these super bad. they’re cute but stupid hard to get in the USA. if you do manage to find some they’re kind of expensive because they’re usually only sold in sets.

the zakus are grunt suits and come in about a million different flavors but from left to right:
zaku II high mobility type (a prototype suit that was the precursor to the dom/rick dom line. seen in The Origin series)
gp03 from 0083: stardust memory (yes it’s A gundam but not THE original)
zaku I sniper type from unicorn


also i’d like to say again that i REALLY like zeta. i will probably never do a full rewatch but i think about that shit ALL the time.


TIL that Japanese people did not know that gajin knew about Gundam.



Finished another rewatch of TTGL
I don’t think there’s a better mech anime.


it’s so good



no one cares about gundam breaker besides me and that’s ok


Gundam figures update. They are now assembled and fighting the Avengers on my partners desk.

The packs have gum in them. I did not try the gum.


Am I more or less of a weeb for actually liking Evangelion


evangelion is great

less weeb than other shit tbh, but still weeb


you’re a weeb if you try and make sense of evangelions madness



what is this gundam


G-CCI M4NE 1017


I have been trying to watch some anime on netflix so I can be more in the loop with you guys. They are terribly plebeian by your standards.


Perfect Grade 1/60 Aile Strike Gundam + Sky Grasper Louis Vuitton Custom


thats a fucking beaut.

Look at that subtle off-white coloring. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh, my God. It even has a watermark.


This is your reminder that G Gundam is the high water mark of the franchise


G Gundam represents the best possible future for the nation-state after the end of the world. Floating islands of ethnic pastiche whose geopolitics are indistinguishable from the greatest of wrestling plotlines