Chinese cartoons (bdd shitposts about Gundam)




but who is our garma zabi and is he dtf


THIS is the real question


beecha and mondo are the worst parts of ZZ and that’s saying something when shinta and qum are still in the show.


ple sucks too don’t @ me




on brand for me


Share if you’d fuck a trash can with perky nips


I’d let Unicorn penetrate me


when she t h i c c


Ain’t no sexier trashcan


got some hot takes on some anime for you weebs today:

i’m like 10 episodes into gurren lagan. not enjoying it at all. i generally don’t enjoy super robot shows to begin with but i figured with all the hype around it would defy the genre’s trappings. i don’t like any of the mech designs really. everyone is annoying character-wise. i’m hoping for some actual character growth. overall, so far NOT A GOOD ANIME.


yeah you’re not that far in

wait until season 2


seriously give it a chance. gurren lagan is big


This, really picks up after the midway point.


started watching attack on titan

i like it so far


there’s almost constant yelling and crying in it.


there’s a lot of yelling

i like the idea of the show though and the action/violence is neat. i’m like 6 episodes in


pretty lukewarm on AOT. the manga is really well drawn but i got bored of everyone dying. i watched season 1 when it was airing and just kind of dropped it. i would rather just read/watch berserk.


The soundtrack is good though.