Chinese cartoons (bdd shitposts about Gundam)


AoT also loses a massive amount of points because of how disgusting the fanbase is.


this is true


maybe I’ll just re-watch gurren lagann lmao


all fanbases are disgusting


you ain’t wrong




maybe i remember wrong. i read that shit in college.


Did season 2 of that show ever come out? I remember watching S1 and for some reason the point when my disbelief broke wasn’t the titans, wasn’t the impossible pneumatic flying thingies. It was the episode where they rode their horses at full gallop for hours and hours on end.


dude it’s anime


ok yeah you’re right they really ride for a long time in these episodes



I finished s1 of attack on titan

it’s ok, too bad Netflix doesn’t have season 2


i’ll take a potato chip

and eat it


i stayed up until 7 am playing gundam battle operation 2. it’s pretty ok for a japanese only f2p (read: p2w) game.


BDD did you finish Gurren Lagann?

Tfw it’s surprisingly emotional :cry:


Regular people watching Up emotional, or BDD in an Overwatch game with bad dps emotional?


no. not yet. i’m still like 20 episodes from finishing ZZ. i’ll definitely post about it when i do.


The former, though I don’t know how close that is to the latter


very distinct imo


More swearing less crying?