Chinese cartoons (bdd shitposts about Gundam)


is my hero academia actually any good? because i’m two episodes in and i’m already bored of the “main character has no powers but everyone around him does and the real power is just trying your best” trope.


ok it gets better but i still feel like i would rather just be watching one punch man.


it gets fucking amazing


I like it and I think you will too


i wanna fug this frog girl. she’s my waifu. back OFF everyone.


season 1: 13 episodes
season 2: 25 episodes

oh boy can’t wait to see what kind of meaningless recap episodes and bloated pacing i get to sit through now.


Just 2, one at the beginning of S2 and one at S3

BDD why u gotta be so cynical


because a lot of anime is straight garbo trash and the shonen shit has leaned on the same tropes for 50+ years. i say this right now as i’m about to start the “sports games” arc aka “it’s a tournament arc” but to be clear i’m not straight up hating this.


this show is pretty fun and can get hype but i will say one of its biggest weaknesses is how completely underwhelming the opening/closing songs are.


Put Hajime no Ippo on your watch list BDD


oh yeah the boxing show. i’ve heard good things.


It rates in my top and I rewatch it almost every year.
I think the followup series aren’t quite as good, but the original 75 episode series if friggin dank.



tfw barnes and nobles has a small selection of gunpla but the hobby store near you doesn’t


yeah this show went pretty hard. fully on board with it being good and will continue to follow season 3.


The mango is good too, it’s the only one I keep up with apart from cooking anime


Anime is haram



boku no mango is fucking GOOD. when the anime gets this deep it’s gonna be fucking PLUS ULTRA.


as much as the twitch community has ruined gachi, i will always embrace is it as the pure art it is.