Chinese cartoons (bdd shitposts about Gundam)


I quit on twitch a long time ago, twitch community ruins everything and I can’t stand your typical fuccboi streamer


As forums go and all kinds of groups like youtube celebs etc. They get views because they are funny and throwing jabs at each other. At first that is. Usually it will spiral into narcissism and running out of material. After pæidæipæ literally brought youtube to its knees by being a retarded. 2 billion loss. 100k people lost there income and dreams at being a vlogger. $5k a month to $50. Demonetizing almost every vid.

Stopped watching them a long time ago. Time have rendered them almost powerless. The ghost Myspace is in the youtube matrix.

As a culture that leads in hi jinks and having people from all the autism spectrum interacting with retardiness that is the net.

Zulu has a undercurrent of meta that spreads out silently.


Watch Final Space, it is a vastly superior form of anime.


I am not saying youtube that bad that you cant find something interesting, just the time have changed.


yeah man i’m not happy i blew through this manga so quick because now waiting each week for translations like a fucking chud is painful.


Put Megalo Box on your list holy fuck.