Chinese cartoons (bdd shitposts about Gundam)



what’s up sluts? i just finished ZZ. it’s a shame the first 15 episodes of this show are dogshit because this actually becomes a DECENT to GOOD gundam show by the end. judau is kind of bland everyman through most of the show, kamille and amuro are both MUCH more engaging protags, but he definitely gets some growth toward the end that’s satisfying.

judau’s never appeared in any anime after ZZ but he does show up much later in the UC timeline during a couple of the crossbone mangas. at the end of ZZ he’s heading off to jupiter to ~chill~ or something. it’s not really explained what role jupiter plays in this universe but it’s the second time it gets brought up over the Zeta/ZZ arc (since paptimus was originally FROM jupiter). i would definitely not turn down some supplemental material detailing judau’s time in the jupiter sphere though.

after watching 0079/Zeta/ZZ my biggest critiques are directed towards tomino more than any other thing. his weird little kid fetish probably just seems ~anime~ by 80’s standards but it definitely is ODD by today’s. i know he had a tough time with the original trilogy, especially when it came to production and battling his own depression, but the pacing in all three series is ALL OVER the place. poor pacing is a pretty common criticism though so i’m just beating a dead horse. i know the overall ZZ story is weaker because of him getting the greenlight to make CCA in the middle of doing ZZ but all the newtype bullshit is REALLY weak and underdeveloped. you can handwave it away as just ~anime things~ i guess. i wish he had fleshed it all out a little more. newtypes definitely feel like a “WOULDN’T IT BE COOL IF KIDS HAD PSYCHIC POWERS…” crutch that he just slotted in to his stories when he couldn’t come up with something actually compelling in the moment.

ANYWAY, ZZ is cool, i get the hate for it but it’s ok in my book. next up is CCA and then unicorn and then NT to cap off the UC as it is right now. probably gonna squeeze in the rest of my Wing re-watch too.


also by the end i didn’t completely hate Ple and Ple-two.

FINAL ALSO: quess is objectively the WORST gundam girl.


CCA is pretty hype. quess sucks a fat one. hathaway is kind of a turd too but EXCEPTIONALLY less so than quess. really coming around to the idea that tomino is a one-note hack. how many times can your story revolve around “adults suck and are ruining everything. kidz rock!!!”? i guess if i was raised in post-WW2 japan i might feel different though.

as a conclusion to the amuro/char arc the movie is weak. in a two hour movie they spend like maybe 15 minutes on screen together and there’s SO MUCH time between their last meeting in Zeta that is just left blank. this is especially true of char since he’s literally been MIA for 5-6 years. at least amuro has some material in between zeta and this. still the animation is good. the suits all look good in action. bright actually does some captaining and isn’t just a dude sitting in a chair for two hours.

i’m kind of excited for the hathaway’s flash OVAs that are supposed to be coming out this year. i’ve never read the novels but japanese gundam fans seem to think highly of it. (the xi gundam and the penelope are pretty cool looking too).



(also really curious to see how the Hathaway’s Flash OVAs deal with the CCA novel and movies differences)


man the animation on unicorn is beautiful. i’ve never really been sold on how the unicorn looks, especially the NTD mode but i’m coming around to it in action. i KIND OF want a RG unicorn now.


on episode 6 of unicorn. REALLY REALLY REALLY loving it. even all the bullshit newtype shittery i’m just rolling with. i actually love banagher so much.


Just wait. Unicorn plays it fairly tame until the end. Then goes full #Tomino.

CCA was pretty great until, well, until it went full Tomino I suppose. I can’t help it. I just do not like magical sparkly fairy dust coming out of nowhere to save the day. Shit happens in damn near every show except for G Gundam. Once again demonstrating that G Gundam is the pinnacle of the franchise.


Just watched Gundam on netflix. I cant believe I am gonna echo Pædiedæpæ… Its better then sex.

I feel like I have gone up in nerddom.


Gundam Is Great And So Is G*d




Place it prominently in your home altar to ward off evil.


Did you build that?


i wish. i’m in a gundam discord. ton of people doing builds and shit. just really liked this one.


(it’s one of my favorite gundams, the ex-s gundam)


Is he a good one or a bad one?



Wow, Adam Sandler. With gun. Wow

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i found this weird gatcha gundam game for android. it’s REAL scummy but i have fallen prey.


Ok, they can be funny sometimes. They are the neverending stream of shit machine.