Chinese cartoons (bdd shitposts about Gundam)


I think they will survive someone shitposting about them.


I have no comeback … you are a fucking savage bdd, gees


I think the first of the two pics (i.e. the one that didn’t show up as the thumbnail) was 1000x better so are you commenting on that or the thumbnail?


The pic inside, Sandler would shoot himself in the head if he was allowed handle a gun for any length of time.

Rad dude. Rude 'tude. Philosopher God-King. PCP Puppetmaster.

AAAAAhahahaha my sides. Weeb fuck… Sorry I promise I will be kind now.




0080 is really boring and is heavy handed even by gundam standards with its “war = bad” message. the very FEW action scenes that take place are good but they’re drowned out by boring people doing boring things.


So, when do you get to Gundam SEED?


man i don’t know. i REALLY REALLY don’t know. i’m not sure i even want to watch it. it’s definitely gonna be on the tail end of my gundam viewing when i do though.





There’s a lot that could be said about SEED. Taking a seminal show from the late 70s and remaking it with full on big eyes aesthetics, that’s something wacky to be sure. But for some reason the bit that has stuck with me after all these years, what pops into my head unbidden and derails whatever I was doing, is that they tried with SEED to make G.U.N.D.A.M. into an acronym. Not only that, but they did it multiple times, with different meanings each time. Like, what went down at the staff meeting where that decision was made? Who was like, this is what the fans crave, this is what they need?

Also Kira is literally the worst character ever put on the screen and I begin every day reminding myself that the stupid fucker should have died and when he didn’t, that was the moment the show turned to shit.


hello me big gundam fan me love the gundam my favorite gundam is the gundam!!! much love to the gundam and other gundams!!!


did someone get stepped on by a gundam in that video


yeah that was fucking metal


a friend is in japan with his girlfriend. he dm’ed me on instagram with him standing under the giant unicorn gundam statue at the gundam base in tokyo. hyper jealous.


hell yeah it was