Chinese cartoons (bdd shitposts about Gundam)


6 episodes into 00 and so far it’s more boring than Wing.


why have sex when you can meticulously fit together and professionally paint small plastic robots?





00 feels like a worse wing. they both spin their wheels for 20 episodes doing the ~politics~ thing, focusing on background characters who seemingly have little to do with the plot, and not enough time explaining why you should care about the main characters. i don’t hate 00. it’s honestly not even bad. it just feels like i’ve been here before. i know season 2 dips and the movie is real divisive but i’m hoping i at least get a satisfying ending to season 1. although i will say it looks like we kind of will considering the “bad guys” are just reprehensible shits in need of a spanking.


If you recall thread canon, when I was in Tokyo earlier this year I got some gundam minis for my wife.

Those now sit on her desk at work and once a week some dude visiting from the Japanese HQ notice them and tells her all about them, like the otaku they really are.


wing is better than 00 imo

isn’t 00 the one with that magic shit?


this is some wild shit. dipshit nerds really are just a type of person transcendent of race, color, or creed.

yeah it’s got “GN particles”. all the non-gundam suits looks like absolute dogshit too. flags and tierens are an actual travesty and i hope whoever designed them never gets to work on a mecha show ever again.


Non-UC shows are always awkward. They often copy shit from the UC shows but try to explain it (e.g. Gundanium in wing, G.U.N.D.A.M. in Seed, GN particles in 00 which are just an attempt science-ify the sparkle fairy dust shenanigans of UC shows) and it never really lands.


season 1 of 00 is pretty ok. the last couple of episodes definitely have good weight to them. can’t wait to see how fucked up season 2 is though.





Spring 2019 I get to be a weeb too


also very excited for this but am already 100% over seeing nerds talk about it. half the posts are “WHY IS THEY DOING MORE UC STUFF? WHY IS THEY MILKING UNICORN??? I HATE THIS”. i’m certain these are the same cum slurpers who rush out on opening night for a star wars movie then spend the next 6 months crying about it. I’M JUST REALLY HAPPY TO SEE SOME GUNDAM STUFF.


first 23 minutes of the NT movie are up. it’s pretty neato. pacing feels somewhat off but i’ve heard it evens out in the second half. think i’m kind of just ok with Newtypes now. used to hate them and now i’m just “whatevs show me more jedi powers”.


big political dance party
tieria is dressed up in drag

so season 2 is something…


Finally got around to starting JoJo

Its v neat


brother bought me some gunpla for christmas. i definitely understand how people get addicted to drugs now.


HG Sky was pretty easy to put together. actually like it more now that i’ve finished it. also put the HG zeta together. liked putting it together RIGHT up until it was time to sticker it up. there’s too many and they’re in the most awkward spots on the wings. really bummed me out. waist connector is super loose too so the whole thing separates kind of easy. thinking i might give the ball joint a small touch of thin cement to tighten it up.


Megalo Box is the shit goddamn