Chinese cartoons (bdd shitposts about Gundam)


You would enjoy VOTOMS


shoutout to Iron Blooded Orphans too.


heard a ton of good things about votoms. it’s definitely on my watch list


don’t know if you chinese girl cartoon aficiandos have ever read devilman or seen any of the old OVAs but there’s a new series on netflix that’s out and a lot of weebs are pretty happy with it. i take that with a grain of salt because weebs but i’m gonna check it out soon.


devilman sounds like a villain created by a 6 year old


I was gonna say Satanic Panic Megaman boss.


all the gay tumblr art has started for this show. i’m not using gay as a pejorative either because it’s all ships of the two main leads. this show has literally only been out for like two days. it’s pretty good though especially if you’ve read the 70’s manga series.


i love japan



Good praxis


I just downloaded this. What am I in for


No idea, I just found it on twitter.

watching anime in 2012 + 6


Well they got one thing right that’s for sure




Netflix’s Devilman Crybaby looks really fun. I probably should check out the original material.


all this complaining about a PC gundam game and someone at bandai has heard me. here’s to hoping there’s some kind of english patch/client.


I liked it, strangely familiar.


Devilman crybaby that is.


zeta is on hold for the moment and in the interim i have been watching gundam build fighters. it might be one of the comfiest animus i’ve seen in awhile. it’s such a love letter to the series. it’s great picking out all the easter eggs and seeing all the different custom designs of suits. even if you don’t know anything about gundam it’s super cute (or kawaii if you will).


also i’m gonna go out in a big shaky limb here and say anime twitter is on a very high level of shitposting that is rivaled only by political twitter.