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My (hopelessly degenerate) Gundam friends have praised build fighters endlessly.

I don’t blame you for putting Zeta on hold. Kamille gets weirdly and creepily involved with some broad. Broad goes crazy and ends up piloting a new mobile armor. Kamille has to fight the broad. Kamille wins. Kamille meets a new broad. Repeat for 100+ episodes. Zeta Gundam.


yeah i pretty quickly identified the rotating cast of new female adversaries he would fight every 5 episodes. i like four somewhat but the small glimmer of potential her story has is completely shit on by being a CYBER NEWTYPE!!! it’s weird how once katz and char go back into space they disappear for a few episodes and then we see them for two seconds on the moon base attack episode. char is legit the only person i care about in this show. i want more amuro too but he’s been moping about because he doesn’t want to let his dick get combat hard anymore.


gundam build fighters try is not clicking with me the same way BF did. might be the bigger cast (also doesn’t help they switched VA for Ral either) but just kind of meh on it right now. hoping it picks up.


try confirmed for not as good


There are only two good parts in Zeta Gundam: when Bright decks Kamille and when Kamille ends up insane at the end.


Gotta say Iron Blooded Orphans moved its way up to my favourites, even despite it going off the rails a bit in season 2.


kamile is the worst fucking pilot holy shit. amuro was trashing fools literally in his first week. kamile has been piloting zeta for like months now and he’s still getting his ass handed to him.


new build series takes place in VR/MMO. furries are already losing their shit over the weasel thing. showrunner is the same dude who did Try apparently. kind of bored with this one but it’s only the prologue so who knows if it’s any indication of series quality.


what can we do to stop japan’s obsession with AGE/SEED/00 gundam???


Seed was unironically (art style aside) one of the better Gundam shows until Kira didn’t die. Then it tanked hyper fast. Seed Destiny was a solid followup. Until Kira came back.


hello time for a good gundam post


i’m 40 episodes into zeta. i have 10 to go. resounding MEH from me. bullet pointing some stuff.

tl;dr on suit:

  • big blocky zeta looks like shit (and i’m not looking forward to dog shit double zeta)
  • MK 2 is bae
  • shiki is hot sex
  • rick dias is pretty alright
  • hi-zack is ok too
  • all the transforming mobile armor/suit bullshit makes me feel like i’m watching transformers and i hate it as much as i hate newtype/cyber-newtype bullshit
  • most of the fights are a snoozefest (i know the qubeley/zeta/shiki fight is supposed to be good but i’m not holding my breath)


  • pacing of the overall story is fucking atrocious
  • to much back and forth of people going to earth and coming back
  • everyone’s an asshole
  • kamille has a few moments of not being a complete shitter but always manages to find a way to remind everyone he’s literally autistic
  • he’s also the worst fucking gundam pilot who ever lived
  • not enough amuro/char shit
  • not enough amuro in general
    (seriously confusing to me as to how char goes from telling people to stop fucking up earth and let spacenoids hang out in space to dropping axis. seems like really shitty writing.)

maybe i’ll have some more final thoughts after i’m done. i’m NOT looking forward to ZZ but i’m hoping to be surprised.


All I’ll say about Double Zeta is most people skip Double Zeta. My buddy and I watched the first four episodes and it was one of the most satisfying experiences in our lives, but that’s because he had a shitty bootleg with subs apparently written by Tommy Wiseau.


how much autism do you have to have to get 40 episodes into a meh show?


i’m a gundam dork and someone who hates to not finish things. so it’s pretty easy to power through.


finished zeta. glad it’s over because i didn’t care about a single thing that happened. just wow. what a bunch of nothing.


There are only three good things in Zeta:

  • Char’s 80s fab
  • When Bright decks Kamille
  • When Kamille goes insane at the end.