Chinese cartoons (bdd shitposts about Gundam)


it suffers from the same pacing problems MSG did in that it kind of meanders for 10 episodes and then has ONE really good episode and then the rest of the action happens in the last TWO episodes with some super quick wrap up.


except just about every character in zeta is an asshole so the boring episodes are a complete fucking snore to sit through while in MSG the cast was generally likable so you got to experience solid character building


I’m interested to see if you finish ZZ. It feels like Tomino was fed up with the status quo and wanted to take a hard fucking left turn into camp. Nothing that happens during ZZ has a single bit of influence on the main story, a I recall. It’s all basically a holding pattern until Char’s Counterattack, which is such a concentrated dose of GUNDAM it almost hurts.


i watched the first episode last night and it was like fucking WHIPLASH levels of tone. watching yazan go out like a bitch to some punk kid who can barely work the Zeta turned the heat up on my buns. i’ve heard it gets good halfway through the series but once again i’m holding my breath.


ah i see mashymre is a poor man’s jerid except he’s about 1000% more annoying because he can’t stop stroking his cock to the thought of haman. jerid was at least a good pilot.


Who else is gonna play this one?


I need my mod powers so I can retitle this thread “bdd shitposts about Gundam”.

I put ZZ down for a bit so I could finish build fighters try. My word is it so much fun. It’s like getting to eat pizza after having nothing but dog dookie sanwhiches.


BFT not AS good as BF but it ended up being pretty fun. it’s got a lot of good supporting characters and just about all of them are likable in one way or another. not as much fan service as BF, nearly zero background gundam characters, and a lot less variety in suits (until the last episode) but it was a really enjoyable watch. i’m really excited for divers.



the gundaminfo youtube channel has a shit ton of episodes they rotate in and out over months. they’ve got all the build fighters and HD remaster of wing up right now.


oh and they’ve got SEED destiny, 00, and IBO too. NEATO.


HD remaster of Wing?

Oh my.



top 10 favorite chinese cartoons


oh hey so i guess wing is being rotated out. i went to watch more episodes and the playlist is gone. looks like build fighters try, build fighters try island wars, and unicorn have been added. REAL bummer.



this is why bdd is maga


it’s why he’s my god emperor. sieg zeon baby


best summary of eva ive seen in a long time




As much as otaku like to joke that eva is 2deep4u, its depth and commentary are truly lost to otaku themselves. Evangelion fans are truly some of the most disgusting posters to soil the internet.