Chinese cartoons (bdd shitposts about Gundam)


Evangelion is about jailbait piloting robots so they can punch god in the dick and nobody can tell me otherwise.




10/10 would watch shinji masturbate over an unconscious rei clone again.


It’s Asuka not Rei in that scene.


the best waifu in evangelion is shinjis boyfriend what plays the piano.


the best waifu is misato do not @ me


Leetcheese is not wrong here.


I’ve not yet watched Darling in the Franxx, waiting for a season break so that I can binge it.
I’m pretty glad Trigger exists and can do whatever the fuck they want.


i know ALL the gundams. the big gundams, the small gundams, the medium gundams, and even the xtra large gundams.


This is your semi-regular reminder that G Gundam is the best Gundam.




Erupting, burning finger is very clearly a reference to venereal disease.


Top of the trash heap maybe


A trash heap made of raw, unadulterated pathos.




well it is
unless its SEED
then its better than sex with a crazy skank on a starship


SEED was bad


I maintain SEED was pretty great until Kira didn’t die. Then SEED was the Platonic Form of garbage.


I think its just a case of the budget showing for me, theres only so many times you can watch the same ship explode before it gets old.
and as far as i’m concerned Destiny doesn’t exist.