Chinese cartoons (bdd shitposts about Gundam)


Fite me irl



in case you guys were wondering what my favorite mobile suit was




May god have mercy on your soul.

pulls lever


finished IBO. yeah. that’s basically all i’ve ever wanted out of a gundam series. flat out. i felt FEELS at episode 50. the rumors of more IBO stuff coming is making me real REAL excited. i will say that i don’t want any calamity wars bullshit. i want ride’s fucking revenge. fuckkkkk. yeah. this was good. this is right up there with thunderbolt and the original series for me.


my plans now are to go back and finish ZZ then watch CC and cap it off with Unicorn before the new UC series hits in September.


I said earlier it rates as one of my top, now you know why.



I am very triggered


30 minutes after I left Akihabara yesterday my wife texts me that she wants a Gundam. I came back this evening and was standing in front of a display with a 1000 gundams and Japanese spergs stumbling about.

I was contemplating posting to ask BDDs recommendation for a good gundam, but then I realized how silly that was. They are all the same and picked a random cheap one.

This part of Tokyo makes my skin crawl a little. Luckily there is a pretty decent microbrewery here.


I have no idea how anyone stands works here with having to interact with anime fans daily.


which one did you get?


the robot man one


they’re obviously genderless

unless you are using man as in mankind, in which case check ur privilege


Ocrum this hurts me. Picking the perfect Gundam for your loved one is a time honored Japanese tradition. Your wife was testing you and I think you failed.


Shamefur dispray


You, a pleb: RX-78 is my favorite Gundam.

Me, an intellectual: Gundams are overrated. The best mobile suit is Tallgeese II.


xxxg-01 is the best


I am pretty sure the middle one is the ‘correct’ one. She is just going to have them fight Spider-Man on her desk though.