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Starting a game in India, recommendations?


Start shitting in the street.

Also, I should be cleaning my room, book visits for appartments in the house i’ll move in, and study the tech i’ll work with, but fuck all that, i revoked privilegias in 1540 and i’m now on a good track for my first world conquest.


nice dude.

I started a game as Bahmanis, going pretty well until I rolled a sweet 4 shock general then rolled 0 in every shock phase. Such is life in EU4.


1700, got most of Europe, almost half of Africa, almost everything in the middle east and India, and i’m bleeding Ming’s mandate so by 1720 their army will be paper tiger.

I worry i wont be able to multi task a shitload of small wars against remnants here and there, and that too many colonial nations got their independance and i wont just grab them by erasing their overlords (United states and Canada are already independant).

So far, my greatest mistake was to keep european territory after I revoked privilegias. If I kept adding land to HRE and releasing small states (French and Iberian minors, eastern europe, etc), maybe i could have expanded a bit faster.



I finished my world conquest with Austria/HRE. Garanteeing the entire empire during the first ~70 years is a neat way to get a fast revocation of privileges (althrough you end up 70 years behind on diplomatic tech and with corruption through the roof due to unbalanced research), and you can get quite a few personal unions when you just marry every european family (got Russia and Spain, with Spain having France under herself too, and then much later, england).

Now i’m trying a game where I form Shan from Ming, then Yuan from Shan, and bath in all that core cost reduction. Or at least, that was the plan, turns out switching culture means murdering your economy and your estate loyalty, ended up spawning Renaissance almost 30 years late (and it’ll be a long time before it spread, too), and i’m getting really late on mandate reforms, since they get reset every time i form a country.

TL; DR: Mongols hate technology, and chinese soldiers are dogshit.


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