European Politics: Breakfast Negotiation Central


OK so let’s run down what’s going on in countries in Europe at the moment because we have so many of the damn things:

The UK

The not so United Kingdoms of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland are still struggling with he Brexit (breakfast) vote.

The country is lead by a woman who is less iron lady and more tin foil lady, instantly crumbling under pressure and pissing away her majority.

However her opponent is a man who is on record saying thing like Fidel Castro was a great champion of social justice (no mention of executing gay men).

The only reason May is still PM is that while Corbyn has enthused many to vote for his vaguely socialist politics, he has also pushed as many voters away, meaning the polls are about 40/40 with no side looking to win any time soon.


Having always been a frenemy of the UK France is rather enjoying breakfast and the resulting fallout. Emmanuel Macron was elected president through the help of a grass roots political movement from the centre right of all places. The younger French generations are saying things like “Hey, maybe we should work for more than 15 hours a week” and “Perhaps not being able to fire the guy we just saw piss in the escargot sauce is a good idea”.

Macron’s international interaction seems to be presently telling the UK to fuck off and crushing Trump’s tiny hands in what can only be described as a surprising show of French manliness.


Merkel, the permenantly states woman of Germany, has managed to retain her spot as leader of the biggest party but she’s having a harder time gaining an overall majority. Plenty of Germans blame her open door attitude for the migrant crisis worsening but many others recognise her as the only sensible leader on the world stage. When she is surrounded by Trump, the man who tried to childishly show up Trump, the woman fucking up breakfast, and whichever scape goat is running Italy now this isn’t hard.


No longer being ran by a fully corrupt world leader who frequently hosted parties which include prostitutes Italy has become a lot less interesting to the casual observer.

Popular opinion lead to a number of far reaching constitutional reforms being rejected and as a result the country’s economy is lagging, corruption is still rife, and the political system is still a joke. One to watch for a 2018 implosion.


Once the focus of the world when it looked like Greece might actually go bankrupt, no one really hears about treece anymore. The country was and always has been one of the countries on the front line of the migrant crisis and had very little money to do anything.

The populist prime minister who won power in 2015 saying he would tell the EU (mainly Germany) to suck his Greek cock is still in power, because he immediately found the EU had all the cards and no reason to grant concessions and sucked Merkel German dick instead. The UK learnt nothing from this by the way.


Even with the country all taking an hour long snooze at lunchtime and all construction work stopping during the month of August, Spain economy is somehow still struggling. Crippling youth unemployment has seen one in four young people without a job, and the economy is unable to support it.

Amongst all this Spain’s richest region, catalonia, has decided now is the time to throw off the shackles of their Spanish overlords and claim independence. After all, catalonia was famously it’s own country… Uhh well never actually. The region ran a referendum where the Spanish supreme Court said it was illegal, the referendum had only a 40% turnout because the Spanish police turned up, arrested the catalonian police chief, and burned a load of ballot papers. This sham of a referendum had a 90% leave vote though and they threatened to unilaterally declare independence. The Spanish government put a stop to that immediately and the head of the catalonian local government is living in exile. The Spanish government held new elections in catalonia 3 months later and the catalonian elected the separatists again. vOv


Interesting because Poland is an economic powerhouse of the Eastern European economies and at one point was the poster child and teachers pet of how to convert from a USSR satelite state to a democracy.

Now though it is seeing the rise of far fight racist nationalist parties that actually won an election. They insisted the judicial system was still full of commie judges and passed laws giving the government more influence over the judiciary. The EU have told them to stop playing at being authoritarian or they will be in very big trouble. The Polish responded by saying “fuck off”. One to watch.


Ah, big daddy bear. Russia is still totally not invading Ukraine and occupying Crime (sorry, liberated Crime a) while funding increasingly sophisticated cyber warfare efforts against the West. Having successfully interfered in the US election and in the breakfast referendum Putin is on a roll as the world’s number 1 democracy enthusiast, so keen that he simply cannot resist joining in other country’s elections.

Putin is going to be standing as president for another term and an opponent has been chosen for him to run against (not sure if he actually wanted to run against Putin). The results have already been posted as SPOILERS a landslide victory for Putin.

Eastern Europe is increasingly concerned about Russian territorial ambitions and this comes at a time when the US, the backbone of NATO, is being ran by an orange man baby.


If a country isn’t mentioned on my OP it’s because it’s not important in any way and didn’t deserve to be mentioned.


We must prepare for the inevitability… of breakfast.


Do you think Putin will raise the age barrier next time he wants to “run” for president or will he get someone to do the presidenting for him


Not to defend Cuba’s record on gay rights (which is horrific), but it feels disingenuous to attribute this to Corbyn, whose record on LGBT issues is rather more defensible than May’s. It’s almost as if you’re using the lives of queer people to score a rhetorical point, rather than having actual concern about how those lives might be affected.

(Let’s not forget, too, about the brutal treatment of gay folks at the hands of the UK government for well over a hundred years; and before that, before we even had terms for these things.)


Let’s not forget in my lifetime an American president acknowledged gay military servicemen by implementing a policy which denied them the right to acknowledge that they were, in fact, gay.


There are two facts here.

The first one is that Fidel Castro famously executed gay men, and that being gay in Castro’s Cuba meant risking being murdered by a hit squad.

The second one is that when Fidel Castro died, Corbyn tweeted that the man was a champion of social justice.

The fact previous British political figures also persecuted gay people in their own way not only is irrelevant because it’s pure whataboutism, but also because no one is suggesting that the people who pursued those policies were champions of social justice.

I’m not “using” gay people to do anything. It’s a factual situation, it happened, and it’s one of many.

Whether it is:

  • Corbyn telling people that Castro is a champion for social justice despite the fact he murdered gay people in the street;
  • Corbyn praising the Venezuelan government and then refusing to condemn them after the current issues;
  • Corbyn meeting with the IRA (actual terrorists murdering people in the UK) and calling them friends but never meeting with the loyalists;
  • The time he visited Hamas and referred to them as his friends but has never met with anyone in the Israeli government;
  • That time he supported a motion in Parliament which declared the Kosovo government wasn’t actually committing genocide and we were wrong to intervene (despite us having found mass graves); or
  • That time he went on TV and publicly said he thinks we could scrap our nuclear deterrent despite the fact his party and the public agree we should have it. We he realised that failed, he just publicly said he would never press the button (thus unilaterally saying Britain doesn’t have a nuclear deterrent were he Prime Minister), and followed up with the suggestion that we should simply remove the missiles from the submarines in order to save the jobs but ditch the weapons.

All of these are examples of moronic foreign policy decisions and statements he’s made, the Cuba one is simply a recent and very clear cut example (because no one sane and objective would call Castro a champion of social justice).

The only reason his domestic policy isn’t dogged with these issues is because historically he’s never bothered himself with domestic policy and all the existing domestic policies are literally “What Ed Miliband said, but with nationalisation and higher taxes somehow”.

So please don’t tell me I’m somehow using the life of gay people to make a rhetorical point, it’s a very serious point that he thinks it’s acceptable to say Fidel Castro is a champion of social justice despite murdering gay people. It’s a serious point that he met with the IRA and Hamas and never with their opposite numbers despite claiming he fact it was to promote peace. It’s a serious point that we’re it up to him we never would have intervened in Kosovo and probably would have lead to genocide. These are serious points because it shows that he has a certain inflexible world view and is basically incapable of changing his views on anyone or anything.


It’s not whataboutism. Any time anybody in the west shows any kind of solidarity with the global south, it immediately becomes about historic sins that naturally proves the necessity of our bad treatment of them. There’s no curiosity or desire to investigate the history of social justice in its Cuban context, only a desire to kindle whatever small and increasingly derived sense of hegemony your nation allows you while smugly dismissing just how complicit that same nation is in every awful step of the whole charade.


Also Macron sucks


Okay, quick example. It would be whataboutism to say only that loyalists killed more civilians during the troubles than republicans. It is not whataboutism to use this as a starting point in noting how historical knowledge of that period is coloured and in many ways controlled by various levers of power, and how it fits into broader (violent) anti-worker narratives throughout the west.


It literally is whataboutism if someone says “Castro killed gay people, he cannot be a champion of social justice” and you reply, in not so many words “Yeah well, what about that bad stuff in the west?”.

Try just actually addressing the point. Do you think Castro, a man who, among other things, hunted down and mursered gay people with death squads, should be described as a champion of social justice? Yes or no.

It doesn’t matter what the West did or what Britain did, if your only response to that question is along the lines of “Yeah well X did this” and not “Yes, and here is what he did that means he is a champion of social justice” or “No, I agree with your point he isn’t a champion of social justice” all you’re doing is whataboutism.


I have a hot take.

Castro can be a champion of social issues while also murdering homosexuals.


I mean I disagree entirely that someone can be a champion of social justice while also organising hit squads to murder gay people. But hey, if you think it’s possible at least it isn’t just simply replying with “but what about all the bad stuff the US and UK did to gay people”.


Also, I think Putin will just change the rules for him to run again. He’s president for life now.


Maybe the moral of this story is that a guy already prone to sentimental exaggeration shouldn’t give eulogies?


I think Corbyn was attempting solidarity with the overarching social cause of the global south, as he often does. Castro was a deeply flawed ruler who did indeed champion some social justice causes (for example, healthcare and housing) whose views like so many Latin American leaders were poisoned by machismo. If you think western ideology and politics having nothing to do with how we view and talk about Cuba, and reduce it to me saying “but what about the UK??” then I guess I’d recommend reading a book or something? I can’t help you.

I don’t actually think you’re dense. I think you’re willfully misunderstanding my point from the start, for your own ideological reasons; and on a personal note in a gay purge literally I and literally everyone I know and love would be murdered so lmao fuck you


No that is fair. If you want to die of old age waiting for someone with no warts, who am I to say no.


This isn’t the US dude, there is no cultural view of Cuba here. People don’t give a shit unless they are either a) old or b) educated enough to be aware that Cuba was painted as a bogey man in the US war on communism.

Castro was a brutal dictator who oppressed his people and let them live in abject poverty while he enjoyed all the trappings of wealth and power. Yes he built them hospitals and schools which by international standards are very good. This doesn’t really detract from that. I could talk for ages about why it would have been in Castro interest to do something for his people, but it basically boils down to the fact Cuba wasn’t abundant with natural resources to buy the loyalty of the key players in Cuba, therefore he needs to maintain a positive public image with the people. It wasn’t out of the good of his heart dude.

Corbyn supporting Castro like that and calling him a champion of social justice is just one event in a long history of him planting an ideological stake years ago and not moving from it no matter what. Even if you don’t believe that’s what he’s like (which would mean you ignore his behaviour for the last 30 years) it shows, at best, he’s a moron who can’t see where showing solidarity with a dead guy that no one in the UK gives a shit about may not be a good idea considering his image.


Corbyn good Kitchner bad


dude are you parroting that shitty cgpgrey video on keys to power?