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Pretty sure he is a centrist that hates Corbyn.




extremely wentworth iii voice: my decorum


The Blair defender has logged in


I bet he listens to oasis LOL





If by shitty CGPGrey video you mean the political theory described in the book “Dictator’s Handbook” written by two respected political scientists that CGPGrey did a video about, then yes.

However, since they didn’t invent the theory that politics and government is about the control and allocation of resources, and that maintaining power is about maintaining control and proper allocation of those resources, really I’m just parroting what was taught in my degree course, which is one of many ways of describing political processes and social structures.


Also Blur and Oasis are awesome and anyone who disagrees is just objectively wrong.


All the kids that used to beat you up for lunch money but now work at tesco’s are still cooler than you


Maybe, but considering I earn 4-5 times their salary, I’m still going to say I’m happy with my life over theirs.


It really is fantastically perfect that you chose for your namesake the bloke who fucked up WWI.


money will be useless soon once all us humans live in underground metropolises

then you will know fear


He also died in world War 1 though and arguably he didn’t fuck up nearly as badly as Churchill did but no one in the UK likes to remember that Churchill was actually a grade A arsehole


Pretty much everybody known for their contribution to a war effort who wasn’t a journalist or doctor was a major asshole


And even some journalists, as I just discovered one C.P. Scott who remarked at the time of Kitchener’s death that “he could not have done better than to have gone down, as he was a great impediment lately”


That’s like the early 1900’s “kill u r self”


Good: every time I see brexit I now think about breakfast

Bad: the opposite is also true


I don’t live in England so this is still a pro.



I mean he’s a vegetarian, which I imagine would clash with being a vampire pretty hard.