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Jexit sounds like a database app or a medication for toe fungus


the absolute boy


(voice of palpatine) do it





Meanwhile in Hungary




holy fucking shit im dead now




Barcelona has a big housing problem due to tourism, and it is probably going to get bad. When we were there there is a surprisingly large amount of anti-tourist street graffiti. (AirBnB is basically an even worse plague there and it is here, and it is a big problem here.)


i’m down with it. you shouldn’t have homeless or unstably housed people when you have thousands of units vacant.

chicago needs to expropriate a bunch of south side houses for the homeless. they are just sitting there! and they are certainly better than under the viaduct.


The Vancouver version of that was to regulate AirBnB (can only rent a room in your permanent residence) and have added a 1% vancant home tax. The fine for hiding your vacant home is $10K/day and there is likely 8000 condos going to go up for sale shortly when the owners cannot get AirBnB licenses.



British parliament fucking owns


You know what would make it better?



Certainly a lot more entertaining to watch than Congress.


this would be better


If you demand better, you get better.


If you are ok with a turtle, you get a fucking turtle.