Going full homo


You want something thicc in your mouth and want to suck it. Vaping might be for you.

Bought a crown III head on my innokin 150 watt 4000mp. Vaping beast, cloud maker and juice sucker.
Also a Smok TFV4 head on my smaller 100 watt 3300mp device. Similar cloud beast.

Both are 5ml and I am vaping at 80 watts. Berry banana and strawberry flavors.



I have also a I sub vortex that takes 5 ml but has a smaller coil that uses 50 watts and is more economical on the juice. I use on the road.

Uwell crown III, Smok TVF4 I use more at home.

The innokin scion I own I dont like, low vapor and burns the coils gives burnt taste

Isub apex 5 I own is a flawed design, way to stiff to draw a smoke.


Vaping is a far healthier alternative to smoking, health officials have told MPs.


yeah but smoking makes you look cool


Smoking cock is even healthier for you.


“less unhealthy than smoking” is a pretty low bar to clear


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After using the Crown III for month, I can safely say its the best head on the market. No leaks, flavor is still rich after using only the original coil, longest coil life I have seen. The TVF4RBG one used 3 coils in the same period and has less flavor.