Google SafeSite Approved + HTTPS enabled


Thanks to @eldigin for his effort in helping us get back off the google shitlist.

I’ve forced HTTPS on all connections. Now you get that nice green lock logo and less NSA bulk collection.




RIP big scary red page of doom. You will be missed.


Can we get the old forum moved to some other url and this one to just


Deceptive thread detected


Whenever the Swedes decide to do that part, it should be at

I don’t control that timeline. We can make both urls point to this forum though.




i’ve got a secure socket layer for you right here

removes pants


we did it


Nice job.
I can finally middle click all the threads again


this is such a big qol improvement


What fucked up browser were you using that it asked you more than once


Chrome would ask you every single time you opened a new tab


Sometimes Chrome would make me click through the red page like 3 times (usually once, sometimes 3x, but never twice :thinking:) tgod we’re free


oh yeah, chrome would make me do it 3 times about 80% of the time