Gun Thread (Manlet Compensation Zone)


Looking to make two purchases before summer.

  1. Club nearby me has started running a long range precision shooting league so I want to pick up a new bolt action in either .308 (likely) or 6.5 Creedmoor (unlikely since I dont want to reload) looking at either a ruger precision rifle

or a mossberg mvp lc

  1. Gonna get a Type 97, we just started importing the “next gen” model with a new flatop instead of the old ass carry handle, gonna put some sort of holo on it probably a eotech or one of those new vortex UH-1’s.



i have a RPR in 6.5CM and it is very good

.308 is more practical for hunting and cheaper ammo but you won’t get to 1000yd reliably with it


also 6.5CM is dropping in price. i was able to get 500 rd for $0.66/rd


Yeah it still seems pricey here at ~$1.50-2 cad/round compared to $0.30-0.60/rd for 308 so I can effectively shoot 4 .308 for the price of of a single 6.5CM.

Not sure which I’ll get yet. Gonna go mess around with it in the store soon.


the question is - do you want to go to 1000yd or not? if you’re happy with 700, then get the .308.


Long range shooting is an elitist community if there ever was one lmao.

Reading all these forums and reddit and its just shit slinging and reee you don’t do X the exact same way I do you are an idiot.


Also everytime i go online a new gun gets added to the list



after a certain amount of range it becomes a physics problem and that’s why its fun


Probably gonna get the ruger in .308

Just more versatile imo and my gf can step up to it from the .22lr without breaking the bank once she wants to learn more

Gonna delete some coyotes with it for sure too



Just noticed they sell it in .223

Now that is full cripple for a $1500 long range rifle


I also want overear hearing protection been using these insert plugs they give us in the oilfield. Not sure which are good.


use both at same time (not a joke)




Yeah but which are high quality good brand muffs?


i have these


ended up getting these as they got good reviews and actually dont take 16 months to ship to canada




What is with 6.5cm hunters and taking unethical shots?

It’s like because it’s LONGRANGE round they feel the need to try and pick off shit from 1000 yards