Gun Thread (Manlet Compensation Zone)


socom is making 6.5CM a standard round


Also > hunting lmao


What does that have to do with ethical hunting?


the only thing to ethically hunt is billionaires


also i dont know anyone that tries to hunt with 6.5cm, nor does anyone take 1000yd shots. i’ve seen one person who bagged an elk at 700yd with a single shot with 6.5cm and it was very ethical.


That’s cause you live in a bubble lmao


6.5cm has enough power to ethically kill out to 1000

But the shots are very questionable. Especially if ur shooting moa at 600+ (which is generous) you can easily miss vitals from your guns grouping.


my rpr shoots sub-moa at 1000


but i agree that you’re iffy because you need a hot barrel to do that, and chances are you can’t take 2 shots on a kill


Yeah goof up at 1000 yards and you’ve successfully wounded an animal that will live another day or week in extreme pain

Even at 1 moa that’s about ten inches of spread

And like 20-25 feet of drop


You have to pay to shoot deer here. You get 2 shoots, the third your guide will take. No reason to spook the deer group more.


The problem I see has a few factors:

  1. Variability in conditions (a gust of wind) at 600+ yard can push you multiple inches. So even if your gun is sub-moa on a good day you might get fucked.

  2. It isn’t a target shooting, bench rest scenario. You will be amped up on adrenaline and your heart will be pumping cause you are about to shoot an animal. Your aim will probably suffer.

  3. Even with a good round for long-range like 6.5cm or 300 winmag you are starting to approach sub-sonic and have lost ~75% of your bullets energy (from my ballistic calculator) so to kill quickly your point of impact needs to be even more precise.


no one should be hunting beyond 500yd, maybe even less


Bought a new chinese sks.

Made in 1964 at factory 26, previously issued (probably sino-vietnamese war). VG condition except the buttplate is starting to detach.


Also got like 1500 rounds of chinese 762 for $300.


Yeah terrorize those chipmunks


I mostly shoot paper and gophers or coyotes.


6.5 Creedmoor is interesting because it looks like everything the military has been looking for since World War Two.


It’s interesting though I think adopting something like 224 Valkyrie would be more of the PARADIGM shift that people are saying 6.5 is.


I think they’re worried about increased use of body armor in future conflicts. Also, with 6.5 you could potentially cover general purpose machine guns and DMRs (if they’re even needed).