Gun Thread (Manlet Compensation Zone)


I’m creating a militia. We’re called the Rooty Tooty Point-N-Shooties.


The real benefit of these rounds like 224 and 6.5 is a increased effective range for your battle zero (where you can aim centre mass and still hit) which in turn makes your rounds on target improve. That’s why I think 224 would be more of the paradigm shift since it would theoretically be rolled out to the majority of squad weapons that’s are currently 556.


I see the courts have ruled in favour of you guys being able to share schematics/3d print guns/CNC guns at home.

Big blow to the grabbers god bless the USA



Calling my militia NEETO


Our slogan is Nose Pickers & Window Lickers




InRangeTV/ForgottenWeapons and Paul Harrell are excellent firearm Youtube channels if you’re looking for something to watch.


Paul is my daddy


No range theatrics

Just straight pecs


Forgotten Weapons is probably my fav youtube channel. He just did one on a 40mm Bofors with all the hand-operated controls. P. neat.


Forgotten Weapons is great. He did one about the YPG’s homemade anti-material guns.

I went to the range yesterday and dumped about $300 of lead downrange.


The fiberals are considering a handgun ban nationwide because gangs in Toronto are shooting each other with guns smuggled from the US.


Also got a line on a nice pair of ww2 rifle when I come back.

Some dude is selling his Enfield no1mk3 and a Russian capture K98 for $1000.


A SMLE or older? I’m not too familiar with the nomenclature


Yeah it is.

Basically all of the enfields produces from ww1 onwards are smle


Possibly the best thing about the TSA is their Instagram.


When you are about to nut and rimlock opens the door


I graphed Hornady’s .308 Winchester and 6.5 Creedmoor 4DOF’s ballistic calculators because I had too much time on my hands.


.308’s going to have a shitload more energy but I suppose the difference between the two at 1500fps on a soft target is aesthetic