Ingen's Nu Own Books Thread


I will continue to chronicle my endless failures here.

If anyone would be willing to read a sampler (first three chapters of an in-progress book) and lemme know how godawful it is, that’d be cool.!Ah-j-2lZanaB2xiOIhHl5SSIhZYG


I read it, pretty good. It’s fantasy all right, I enjoyed the nautical elements. There were a few tropes that came to mind while reading it, but I’m not a big fantasy reader so I wouldn’t know if they were common or not.

  1. Cat people screams Elder Scrolls to me but v0v
  2. Dalarian would be the name of people from Dalaran, which is a major city in World of Warcraft

Otherwise it was captivating and well written. I feel like the combat scene could have used a bit of editing but maybe that’s me.


I am sure I got the idea from TES originally. I’ve worked on this one off and on for years. Think I was playing a lot of Skyrim when I first started. In any case, the book has bestial races of all flavors. The cats are unique in being the civilized exception. The rest are collectively the big bad to the east. If anything, I should probably be worried about seemingly too much like Warhammer’s beastmen than Bethesda’s cats.

Not too worried about possible WoW similarities. Bunch of uncreative people making up fantasy sounding names. If we get similar results, so it goes.

This was close to a first draft, so I don’t doubt scenes could be tweaked, but anything in particular you thought the combat needed? Was it hard to follow?


this part rubbed me the wrong way. in a kind of teleports behind you kinda way.


Yeah, fair point. It’s also bad to say scream so close in repetition.


Hi, hello.

This weekend I will have a finished manuscript for this book. Not a bad turnaround. If anyone is willing to serve as a beta reader – that means you read the thing and tell me what you think, maybe some notes jotted down as you go through, or you could markup the copy if you prefer – I would be very grateful. Obviously, you all are my first stop when looking for anything and everything beta.




Mr. Chanka,
Please share your book with me. I’m an interested Slovakian reader.
other lee

[Did I get the memes right? Been so long since I played Eve. Wash Lee Chanka [Was that his name?] Serbian?]


Hungarian I thought. At least eastern Europe somewhere.


I want to read it, but I’m not sure if I’ll have the time to actually read it. :smith: