Install gentoo


nerd shit itt

here’s a cool article/pr stunt



I have to move several branches phone systems from an old linux based rack PBX unit (Epygi) to a neat debian based PBX system (3CX) on tuesday/wednesday.
Turns out i’ve become the phone guy at my IT job.


also phone systems are black magic and you’re crazy if you think otherwise.


only the RF part is black magic





intel btfo


Apparently the Intel CEO sold a bunch of stock too


“Replace CPU” holy fuckin moly
Isn’t there a 30% performance hit software fix?



“Speculative execution side-channel vulnerabilities”

Oh boy Microsoft has a handy page just for this already


hahaha fuck me




realtalk i’ve been using a macbook at work for a few weeks and haven’t really wanted to play games/stare at a screen MORE after work so i haven’t touched my desktop

i keep pressing alt instead of control to do shortcuts (((


rebind the key


same lol.

All I do is computer all day at work. I am picking up woodcrafting at home now instead of games.



good meme


Foolish Intel. They flew too greedily and dug too close to the sun.


fuck futures in javascript


Install Node.js