Install gentoo




my favorite part about real programming job so far is how opening a merge request/closing an issue feels like a video game achievement


There is also the mockery of your peers to enjoy.


dae hate working in php?
the answer is yes.


it’s 2018 why aren’t u using WEBASSEMBLY


Friend of mine is looking for a laptop to do AutoCAD. He doesn’t want to break $800. Not sire if thats possible


maybe if they buy used


going into this semester i was much more excited about my machine learning course than concurrency

i have discovered math is dumb and i like concurrency


yep its way more fun


just got fucking grilled on es6 javascript features

also got asked specifics about class diagrams? I’m not an architect I’m in college u nerd


No one in my org bothers with UML diagrams: we just draw a bunch of boxes and lines. Databases are always cylindrical tho lol


it was either a principal engineer or senior developer

both should know that as a fresh grad i won’t be drawing uml lmao

honestly i feel like i blew that interview compared to the one yesterday. it was basically an in person technical but on the phone. not fun


i have never used uml once in almost a decade


so give me a job

save me from uml trivia


working on it but im in the big corporate machine


I use it but only because I don’t want to invent my own design syntax when I have to commit a design to something more permanent than a white board.

If he was looking for boxes with lines, that is fair. If he was actually testing you on UML then lol you are dodging a bullet.


Holy shit if you see someone do this run


he totally could have been asking me about boxes and lines. I said something about showing inheritance and names and shit


someone told me FreeBSD is going down the shitter soon.
what happened?


Yeah I think this is a safe spot to excuse yourself from the interview, walk out to your car and don’t return their calls.