Is Steve Martin Funny? (Comedian Discussion Thread)


I’ve been watching clips of comedians from the last 70 years paying attention to delivery, topics, and genre. The only real conclusion I’ve come to is that Steve Martin isn’t funny.

He’s had a good 40 year career as well. Am I missing something painfully obvious or does everyone else just silently tolerate him?


I used to think so, but then someone told me that he is in a lot of funny movies, and in funny roles but that he is himself not very funny.

Seemed to check out tbh.


funny looking


i think he’s funny when he plays the straight man. planes and trains is a good example. he does physical comedy pretty well.


Three Amigos is great. That is the extent of my Steve Martin opinions.


Yeah, but how much of the Three Amigos is Steve Martin? Probably not more than a third.


Steve has 2 or 3 good movies. He really needs to be in a gang of funny people. Like Seinfeld.


Also Chevy Chase is a similar character. Seemed funnier when I was young.



One of the more enjoyable stand ups I’ve seen in a while. Started slowly, but the minimalism was endearing.


Man Conan is looking old finally


Yeah I’ve noticed he seems tired at times.


Took awhile - he wrote for The Simpsons. The good Simpsons.

Still, looking pretty good for 55.




Personally I thought that sketch on SNL was my best performance ever.