Movie Thread


You know I don’t dislike Kylo Ren because he’s a goofy edgelord. It’s because he reminds me of Spoony


Kylo Ren is way better without the stupid mask imo


I was really surprised at how central of a character Porg was. Pretty surprised that Disney tanked all that hate for him since the trailers.


Watching Transporter 1,2,3 now. Great films. I kinda look like Jason Statham too. So thats a plus.


The last Jedi is absolute garbage.



Last Jedi was a bad film.

However, it has derived so much rage from angry fanboys, I think I may be in love with Rian Johnson.



Leia flying through space unprotected
That stupid call holding joke
The entire rose plot line
The purple haired rebel leader
Force projection
Various dumb fucking jokes by luke and others
Yoda ghost


I liked Rose


Rose was fine, save near the end of the film when she made a dumb decision that made no sense and spoke the film’s worst line in defense of her actions.

The second worst part of the film was every single attempted comedy beat, none of which worked in the slightest.


I liked rose

why do they not do that kamikaze hyperspace thing every single battle? that was very effective

what’s the deal with the force projection

tlj was not that good tbh. rogue one blew it out of the water. I’m not even a big star wars fan


The hyperspace scene looked incredible and was one of the highlights in terms of cinematography, but yeah it pretty much destroys Star Wars warfare. It has never been ruled by reason, of course. From the very first movie, the point has always been to copy WW2 style air combat (the trench run is straight from dambusters, the turrets on the Falcon are just like those on B-17s and similar craft, etc.). The big ships have always acted more or less like pre-dreadnought battleships (lots of small guns). For that reason, the bombers didn’t bother me. They obviously made zero sense in the setting but they fit the faux-WW2 aesthetic.

But yeah, if you can create that kind of damage with a hyperdrive, the only weapon anybody should be using in Star Wars is a torpedo with a hyperdrive on it. But Johnson had already ruined the Force, so making lasers irrelevant is pretty small potatoes tbh.


new botw


I read some thing were they said TLJ was like a marvel star wars movie.

Really makes u think.


Didn’t you guys notice the subtle retcon, they called it Light Speed the whole film, no more Hyperspace.


Thats why they can suddenly do all this crazy shit with it.


just watched new blade runner

really sad i didn’t see it in theaters because it was rly visually striking

good movie


same, it was really sad. i hope it wins some awards.


Film of the year for me. As a big fan of the original, couldn’t be happier with how this one turned out. Denis #1.