Movie Thread


Black Panther was gr8 but not as good as Blade


I do not consent to joinder! I do not consent to joinder!


I think you want the politics thread :thinking:


all the best picture nominations are coming back to the theater near me, v excited. I really wish they would re-release blade runner but they won’t :frowning:

they’re also going to show like 6 Miyazaki movies!

moviepass is great


based deakin


i’m in


this looks good


Annihilation is as good as advertised.


Was Annihilation advertised?




yeah next to zero marketing.



just getting around to watching but holy shit this might be one of the best for me. the disgust in rich’s voice and on his face so far has me giggling. i don’t know how mike talked them into doing this but god damn he should sell cars.


tfw you post your work drama in the movie thread


in my defense I had like 50 tabs open




I saw annihilation

so many half baked ideas

not good


I can recommend the book


I left the theater thinking, “the book is probably a lot better”

even a directors cut would be better probably