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Mike calling himself a rational skeptic is just too much.


mike being a big spook guy makes me just love him more.


also i fucking love the ghost adventures dweebs. they are the epitome of trying too hard.


I’ve got two friends who were super into that show a few years back. I’d watch it with them and make fun of it the whole time. They would join in, but always a bit reluctantly. I thought the point was “look at these goofballs,” but it became increasingly clear that my friends were taking all this somewhat seriously. I began to suspect the comedy was a defense on their part.

Mike seems to be in the same boat.

I like this analogy because it makes my Jay Bauman, the handsome, likeable member of the group.


i want to defend mike from all the mean things being said about his love of the spooky. he clearly loves it and i want to see him talk about it more because i love it too!


there is nothing wrong with enjoying spooky stuff


Buncha Skost believers ITT


i unironically adore freddy got fingered


the early 2000’s were a much simpler time for cinema


I’m with Jay on this one.



I kill giants is good movie. Proud Mary is pretty cool to. Got upgraded to gigabit connection.
One Simpson show takes 1 sek to download. One movie 5 seks. I like to call it ludicrous speed.


watched call me by your name

the music was really great. I’m consistently surprised by the quality of music in movies that are coming out this year/came out this past year. phantom thread is another movie with an astounding soundtrack

would recommend/10. it was real gay



Judging purely by Mike’s expression of quiet bewilderment I’m gonna assume it’s his film of the year.


We have an org-wide outing to see that on Friday.

Kinda wanna dip and go on a bike ride instead :thinking:


2016 Jason Bourne is I think one of the most egregious examples of "Hacker Voice I’m in "


I’m watching Up In The Air again and sort of awestruck by how the script manages to merge two major plotlines (Clooney’s detached personal life and Clooney becoming detached from his professional life) in weird ways.

Like, there’s the scene where the cardboard cutout of his sister and her husband doesn’t fit in his bag, so he folds it in half, which ends up destroying the cutout. Some things aren’t able to be compartmentalized but that’s exactly what globalization does to people.

It’s also a subtle megadunk on late stage capitalism which is fun