Movie Thread


“Men get such hard-ons for putting their names on stuff. You guys don’t grow up, it’s like you need to pee on everything.”

Fuckin’ Anna Kendrick as Marx in this film


There’s also a couple gorgeous but easily-missed shots, like when they arrive in a huge office that has already been almost completely gutted by layoffs, and later Anna Kendrick is taking a break in a former office that now is just used to store dozens of empty chairs like a corporate graveyard.


Holy shit and then there’s the Danny McBride character who years later would definitely end up voting for Trump and following HoggWatch and believes that his shitty business venture will succeed purely because “This is America, after all!”


Love that movie. Came out right when the economy was deep in the shitter and it felt like such a timely film.


I missed the release of The Death of Stalin. Annoyed to say the least, considering it came out in the UK in October.


saw it today and it was very good 9/10


I suffered through the entire length of Spielberg’s AI. I hope that in the nihilistic future of the white technostate anyone without a breeding permit is just euthanized, it’s much more humane than making them suffer with a Haley Joel Osmond android.

And lmao @ the last act with the aliens, it’s such a therapeutic sequence to console the audience of their inevitable, self-inflicted extinction. Jesus, what a fucking horrendous film.


“Sure humanity eventually fucks itself to death but great news some aliens will stumble across a well-preserved roomba and tickle torture it to death”


there’s some good bantz in this one


this episode solidifies for me that mikeXrich is endgame



That last BOTW was pretty good.


What is the best British gangster movie and why is it Layer Cake


I do love Layer Cake, but the answer is Snatch.


Snatch is great too but I’ve come to like Layer Cake more


layer cake is ok at best

snatch is the best


tbh the best of the Guy Ritchie british gangster films is Rock 'n Rolla, shame he never made part 2.


Sometimes I feel like I am stuck in space movie. Firefly. Cheesy.


This Breaking In trailer is the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen this year


You Were Never Really here looks cool tho