Movie Thread


Bruce Banner sounds hella phlegmy


So I think without spoiling anything I can safely say that Avengers wasn’t :100: great.

There’s just too much shit going on all the time




i have died


Someone read it and tell us what it says


I did and I can’t


Very cool


i kind of want to watch it but i also have managed to avoid all spoilers so far. i might put this one on the back burner like i did with blade runner until i finally see it.


They’re spoiler free for all of 2 minutes, and then only because they bleeped over Rich. They were positive on the movie. That’s the spoiler-free bit. They thought Marvel did a good job (1) making Thanos interesting and (2) not letting the overabundance of characters get too crowded.


I think the movie is just slightly too crowded at the end. The movie does feel like kind of a series of vignettes that converge

What I think is interesting is that there’s absolutely no explanation of any of the previous movies at all. Kinda crazy to think these movies are so ingrained in pop culture that there’s no need.






I just watched Blade Runner 2049. Holy shit that was a good movie.


yeah one of my top of 2017



I think Wanted has to have some of the worst dialogue in a movie with an actual budget and actors


It’s crazy the swing in quality mark millar’s work manages to have