Movie Thread


Was Kick-Ass good? I never read the comic and I can’t remember anything about the movie


at the time it was a pretty fun concept but with all the typical millar flares. now? it has not held up as well.


Deadpool 2 was basically everything I wanted


Oh hey it’s Rich Evans


i saw avengers

i didn’t see the second one, but i’ve seen most of the other marvel movies

it was ok, i liked thanos



Rich Evans: “I hate Star Wars.”


Is Manhunt the greatest film of this century?




+wizard -mike it’s ok but rich’s rant in the middle of this episode is hilarious


Controversial opinion: two of their best episodes ever are this one and the one with Dangerous Men, both of which feature utterly bonkers movies that make no sense and are absent Mike.


Sure but Surviving Edged Weapons is the absolute best and features everyone doing Milwaukee accents


Is this where we talk about Detroit: Becoming Human, the bad blade runner


Miami Connection is the best one they’ve ever watched.


Young Frankenstein is such a good movie



Presented without comment.


Seth Rogan just stepping right in that ass