Movie Thread



this is borderline experimental


This is giving me a lot of deja vu. Did they do something similar before?


They did a series of joke reviews, starting with one of the more recent Transformers films. Had a legit intro and then it was just 20 minutes or so of random noises.

In happier news, they said on Patreon that with the Canadians here they filmed four Re:View episodes and a new BOTW.


Their best transformer video was the one where they watch 3 at once.



And yes, to answer the most obvious question, the guy who posted this originally on Twitter does indeed have a furry avatar.


The Mos Isley Cantina Putsch


I saw the incredibles 2

It was fun


Oh jesus internet


A revolution is not a bed of roses.


Finally watched Wind River tonight. Pretty solid thriller.


I really enjoyed Oceans 8 but I’m also a sucker for heist movies


On that subject have you seen Logan Lucky? I thought it was fun.


No I meant to but I never got around to it


Reeeeee what about men’s rights?


It just keeps going.


What if the next Star Wars movie is all women


Next Star Wars will feature a species without gender and so alien that no one can relate to it. They are called “Inions” and they’re the future of the franchise.

Disney will make bank with merchandising and advertising tie ins for these unlovable grey icosahedron.


But can I put it in my ass?