Movie Thread


No dice.


I rewatched The Last Jedi now that it is on Netflix. If you look at the movie from a distance, I think it broadly works as a story of several characters failing several times and then in the end they all come together for a common victory and a passing of the torch. Like, if you were to do a one-page outline and avoid any specifics of the larger story, it’s a decent yarn Rian Johnson has spun.

If you look at the movie with any granularity, however, it’s a big old mess. The plot details really don’t work (why is the first order suddenly so powerful, why are there are suddenly so few resistance people–either of these could easily have been explained with a bit of dialogue, but weren’t. “I tried to warn them. I told them the FO was mobilizing. With the republic fleet destroyed, we’re on our own now.”) and the tone is constantly sabotaging itself with really out of place comedy. The movie opens with an apparently high stakes action sequence which also features a yo mama joke.



I like how he waited all of forty seconds to blame “media jews”


he didn’t mention media jews at all, what fantasy are you living in?


Chronicles of riddick ages well. Its a better movie than it should be. 2004, feels like 2015 its so good at fx.
Stage designers out did themselves.


Pitch Black still holds up too.


Melanie Thandiwe “Thandie” Newton is so pretty and a good actress. Thandie is name we all should know.
Just for Westworld atleast.