Movie Thread


(TV is movies right?)

Been watching and enjoying Occupied on Netflix. It’s about Norway getting soft occupied by Russia. Got a lot of that moral ambiguity that I crave.

Is Pitts in Discord tagging European Zulus and telling them they have to watch it?


Scene: Ocrum’s living room.

Ocrumsprug is watching some Netflix show. His wife enters stage right.

ocrum’s wife: What lame ass shit are you watching now?

Ocrumsprug’s daughter enters stage right.

ocrum’s daughter: Oh I watched this, it is really good.

ocrum’s wife: Did you hear that this is really good?



Finally got around to seeing the Infinity War. It was fine.


It’s just too much movie all at once.



I have a date tomorrow and we’re going to watch Tetsuo: The Iron Man, because obviously


i watched upgrade last night. was pretty fun.


I watched 2001 in IMAX, and it was super dope.


Just finished Ethan hawke’s first reformed. I don’t know what to think. I’m not even sure if I liked it.




rich makes mike laugh a bunch in this and it’s funny.


I wonder how fast and loose this movie will be.


Weird choice to do the whole movie in his Batman voice, but I’ll withhold judgment till I’ve seen the film.


Man Chris Bale looks great without makeup


How long until I hear Nerd Crew sound bites in music?


Gotta clap for Boba Fett.

Beat comes in